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Fred Beukema's rinky-dink homepage

My name is Fred Beukema. I'm a first-year grad student in Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota.

I'm in the process of porting this page's content from my account at Grinnell College in IA, where I graduated with a BA in Physics in 2001. There's not a lot right now, but I've got a fair amount of stuff to add.


Info about Titular Head 2001, last year's incarnation of Grinnell's annual student film fest.
Titular Head
A collection of my movie columns for the Scarlet and Black, Grinnell's weekly student newspaper.
"We haven't seen this crap, but you should"
The following link is to a page of my early experiments in Photoshop. Enjoy:
Picture Pages: Photoshop
And here's a page of non-Photoshopped photos of life at Grinnell College, my alma mater:
Picture Pages: Grinnell
A page detailing my involvement with The Onion, America's Finest News Source:
Number One in News

Frederick Beukema:
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