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Looking from kitchen doorway, through dining area to living room (note archway between living, dining). A: entrance from front staiway. Arrow on left points in direction of closet.

Kitchen, viewed from either end. Looks like plenty of cupboard/pantry space. 4-range gas stove/oven, 1 sink, fridge.

Looking from dining room back along hallway. A: kitchen. B: Utility closet, full of shelves. C: Back stairs. If you turn left around the corner (arrow), you see bathroom dead ahead, back bedroom on the right.

Same hallway viewed from back of apartment. Through dining room doorway, can see closet (past the boxes). Doors on right are kitchen, utility closet, and front bedroom.

The (smaller) front bedroom. Russ (manager) says it will be repainted white by move-in. Both bedroom closets are smallish, but this room has the larger of the two.

The bathroom. Fairly small.

Back bedroom. Dibs.