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Fred and Robb's apartment-to-be
3513 Hennepin Ave S #201

Front of building

Floor Plan (not to scale)
floor diagram

Virtual Tour
Note: furnishings and other items are property of previous tenants. My tastes tend not to include giant oriental fans.

Two views of the living room:
one two

Robb's room. I just couldn't find a good angle, thanks to bunkbed, shelves, plastic tub, etc.:
Robb's room

Our dining room, and its lovely glass-front cabinets:
dining cabinets

The kitchen:

Hallway, facing Fred's room. Main entrance is first door on left:

The loo:
Sale de bain

Fred's room:

Bonus Scavenger Hunt
See if you can find the following things in the above photos:
  1. The frame of my car's door
  2. Two cats
  3. A Thighmaster and Abroller
  4. Herbal Essences
  5. Jesus
  6. A living room closet that I somehow overlooked both times I visited
  7. My reflection