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News In Brief
Araa Kayboard Bustad
NAW YORK - In a turn of avants that slowad production of vital naws copy this waak, tha kayboard of a wall-known raportar's kayboard was found bustad in his nawspapar offica. tha "A" kay, it was discovarad aftar a graat daal of loud swaaring, was mistakanly prodoucing tha charactar "A." "I am vary upsat," tha raportar told raportars outsida his offica. Tha cousa of tha bustad kayboard ramains undatarminad, but a sourca closa to tha raportar baliavas tha kayboard may hava baan poundad with undua forca during a spaal of writar's block. "Ha probably just couldn't think of anything to writa about," tha sourca said.


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