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Shoebox full o' photos

Photos of me and assorted Grinnell College folks. Dates and photographers vary. Thanks to Whitney Davidson for designing a picture page with easy-to-copy html.

Graduation Day, 2001

A quiet moment - Whitney is sad, as are Vivek and Fred (and the left half of Dan) becasue the guys are graduating.

The Dictator and his General - Vivek: "On my mark, kill them all." Kumail: "My God, what have I wrought?"

Happy family #1 - Kumail and his parents, the only time most of us have met them. Proof, finally, that they do exist.

Happy family #2 - Vivek with parents, sister, and brother.

Dictator, general, and western advisor? - Dan, Vivek and Kumail.

Chicago, Summer 2001

Kumail and Vivek outside their apartment.

Cut loose at Grinnell

Spring Waltz 1999 - (clockwise from top) Fred, Scott, Nishant, and Dan.

Halloween 1998 - Kumail (goth) shares a moment with Nishant ("fucking psychopath"), and is captured on film by Dan (tourist).

Megan Brummer's Birthday, 2000 (Back row, l-r) Scott, Phil, Fred (Middle row, l-r) Nishant, Rachel, Vivek, Jacob, Dan, Kumail, Erica, Abby (Front row, l-r) Whitney, Pete, Megan, Suzie

Dan and Kum's Excellent Adventure, Part 1 - It is Spring 2001, and Dan and Kumail are REALLY excited about the cookies.

Dan and Kum's Excellent Adventure, Part 2 - Kumail with the (mol)asses cookies, still pleased as punch.

Dan and Kum's Excellent Adventure, Part 3 - Dan comes down.

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