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Early work in Photoshop

These pictures represent my early efforts at working in Photshop. They come from two projects. The second was a set of publicity posters for Assassination, a watergun game of hunting and paranoia.

SGA Presidential Campaign, March 1999

My first photoshop stuff was a set of posters for my friend Vivek's campaign for the Grinnell SGA Presidency. He won. Most of these looked the most realistic when printed and photcopied in black and white, but they look pretty good as is, especially for our first efforts.

"He's got connections." - Picture was a card that came with my widescreen copy of The Godfather. I put Vivek's head on James Caan's body. Had to extend some of the background to make up for Sonny's afro. My first attempt at anything beyond file management in Photoshop.

"Vivek is the Word." - While I worked on the Godfather pic, Vivek made this one from a Grease photo he found online.

"He's been places." - I put Vivek's whole body into a photo (from Encarta, I think) of Nixon's resgnation.

"He's been places." - Another one Vivek did himself. Mash picture was from online, again. In this one, we started experimanting with the sunburn tool to try to match the guy's skin color to Vivek's. The effort was completely lost in the photocopy.

"Help you he can." - Picture came from the "Star Wars: Behind the Magic" CD-Rom. Again I had to extend the background; Hammill had a big noggin'. Picked a color from Vivek's face and airbrushed it onto Luke's arms.

Assassination, April, 1999

These definitely suffered from the black and white treatment.

Mexican Standoff from Reservoir Dogs

Boba Fett

Assassination, April, 2001

Poster images for the game I organized this year. Looked terrific printed up in color.

Pesci snaps in "Goodfellas" - Frame capture from the "Goodfellas" DVD.

"You are entering a WORLD OF PAIN!" - Frame capture from "The Big Lebowski" DVD.

The GUM (Grinnell Underground Magazine), May, 2001

Illustrations that accompanied a series of News-In-Brief-style articles I wrote for Grinnell's hated humor mag.

"Rebel Fleet Attacks Unfinished but Operational Fine Arts Building"

"Justice League Relocates to Darby" - see also the original picture of Darby Gymnasium.

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