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Titular Head

Grinnell College's student-made film festival. Grinnell's only film-based creative outlet. Annual springtime fun for the cinephile and/or the inebriate. Below are descriptions of and the last known links to several films from Titular Head 2001. Files are very large .mpg and .mov files, so I reccomend you right click on the links and save them, rather than trying to view them directly. The .mov files will also require a recent version of Quicktime to work properly.

Gold Prize: Grinnell - True
Written and directed by Vivek Venugopal. Starring Grinnell President Russell K. Osgood, housing maven Steve Larson, and beloved security guard Russ Motta.

Silver Prize: How to Get Grinnell in the Top Ten
Andrew Kensler probes the Grinnell administration's obsession with the US News and World Report list, and the lengths they'll go to.

Bronze Prize: A Fresh Movie
I made this! Written and directed, etc etc by me, Fred Beukema. Filmed on location at the Grinnell Brush Dump. We thought a Sunday morning would be a nice quiet time to make a movie at a brush dump. Little did we know that Sunday morning is the time to dump your brush. Or to go have illegal target practice with real, scary, honest-to-god firearms. You can't really tell, but the blood and brain effects were really cool and gross-looking. We matted some chunky peanut butter into the back of Dan's head.

Lifetime Achievement Award: One Dollar Thugz
Nishant is a talented dude, and here's some proof. Despite the best efforts of his actors and camerapeople, Nishant managed to put together quite the little action epic here. The basic plot: high class thug Francois Beukema has an electric athsma bong (this is true - I have a nebulizer for my athsma, whihch gets bad a couple times a year), which he plans to somehow combine with a potato gun to destroy Nollen House, the home of Grinnell College's Office of the President. He wants to do this out of some deep-seated hatred for Russell K. Osgood. An elite squad of paracommandos steals the nebulizer, and is captured when they meet someone to pawn it. Action-riffic finale ensues. The end. A spectacular death scene for Mr. Heino (Dan Litwiller), Francois's mad scientist lackey, was filmed but cut. Nishant ran Titular Head this past year, and would've probably won if he was eligible. He got the gold the previous two years for his classsics "Bitchslap" and "Paracommando of Love."

A Zombie Ate My Girlfriend's Dress III: The Final Confrontation
This is the final chapter in Scott Ahn's Zombie Trilogy. In the first film, "A Zombie Ate My Girlfriend's Dress," (1998) Biff (Kumail Nanjiani) and Bambi (the lovely Paul Chaikin) are about to kiss when a zombie (Marc Scholten) interrupts, trying to eat Bambi's dress. Bambi runs away. Zombie is summarily beheaded. In the sequel, "A Zombie Ate My Girlfriend's Dress II: Biff Gets a Job," (2000) Bambi is waiting for Biff when an interloper (Fred Beukema) tries to put the moves on her. Biff arrives and rips out the interloper's heart. After some public copulation, Bambi and Biff are accosted by Ffib (Vivek Venugopal), Biff's Evil Zombie Twin. Bambi runs away. Ffib is killed. Tommy, (Phillip Ludwig), presumably another zombie, attacks, is killed. "Zombie III," seen here, wraps up the loose ends (?) and contains more sex, and Chaikin's creepy smile, pictured below.

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